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Jane and Anne-Karine






To renew your energy, to support healing of injury or disease, or to relax deeply, this non-invasive practice is effective by providing the space, time, appropriate postures in proper sequence and with appropriate support in order to deepen awareness and allow the deep wisdom of the body to carry out its work (see the gallery for some of the postures taught in this class)


This class is intended for beginner yoga students or students who have not practiced for a period of time.  Basic asanas (postures) are introduced progressively with detailed alignment instructions.  Students learn foundational standing poses, twists and forward bends along with breath awareness.


Slow-paced and supported practice using lots of props focuses on breath awareness, body connection and proper alignment.  Appropriate for students with or recovering from injury or disease, those with reduced mobility and is also very enjoyable for seniors.


Yoga for Youth is a one-hour class designed for students ages 10 to 14.  Though the class is taught in a dynamic way, instruction includes proper alignment. Once a month, during new-moon time, students will be taught a quieter practice that includes pranayama (breathing techniques).



Once students have taken at least one session of regular classes of basic yoga, they can consider level 1. Level 1 includes the refinement of basic standing poses, forward bends, seated postures and twists.  It introduces backbends and inversions, pranayama (breathing techniques), chanting and meditation.  Because level 1 is not a beginner’s practice and focuses on deepening awareness, it is suitable for continuing students who prefer a gentle and slow approach to their asana practice (see the gallery for some of the postures taught in this class).


Level 1-2 (intermediate 1) is meant for students who feel confident in level 1 or already have a regular strong practice in other styles of yoga.  Building on level 1, we enjoy refining and deepening the asanas (yoga postures).  The regular practice includes longer holds than level 1, deep forward bends, balances, twists, inversions and backbends as well as pranayama (breathing techniques), chanting and meditation.

Please note that a level 1-2 + (intermediate 2) class is also sometimes offered. It is a slightly stronger level class than level 1-2


Level 2 is for students who have been practicing regularly for at least 2 to 3 years.  Assuming that all level 2 students know the basic postures well, this class is about introducing more subtle internal aspects of asana alignment as well as pranayama.   Level 2 students are expected to have a keen body awareness and an increasing ability for concentration. Wth the teacher’s guidance, they are able to choose the variations of postures and the length of holds that are appropriate for their body needs, while practicing at their threshold (see the gallery for some of the postures taught in this class).


Level 2 + is a step up from level 2 and the transition class leading to level 3. This class is for students who have over 5 years of regular continued practice at Centre Yoga or in an Iyengar yoga school. Students in level 2+ are expected to know the Sanskrit names for and physical alignment of most basic yoga postures and pranayama. In level 2+ concentration must be steady. All asana are held for long periods of time, including shirshasana and sarvangasana or variations. (see the gallery for some of the postures taught in this class).


For level 2 students (see above), these short asana-breath linked classes are designed to support strong yoga students as a second, third or fourth practice of the week.

Please contact Eliot before deciding to come to this class.





This dynamic practice focuses on core muscles and proper breathing. It incorporates postures that flow with the breath, building strength, balance and fluidity. The practice finishes with restorative poses to relax and unwind, preparing you for the week ahead!

Class is designed for all levels and suitable for anyone wanting to safely strengthen their core.



In my prenatal classes, I encourage postures that facilitate a healthy, happy pregnancy and labour.

You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as simple postures that can be helpful during labour.

You will also have an opportunity to bring your companion to practice the breath-work & postures that can be beneficial during labour.



Classes are designed to gently stretch, strengthen and relax areas of the body affected by parenthood, meet other moms and bond with your baby using songs, physical movements and simple infant massage all while in our poses!

In my classes, I encourage parents to get to know one another and build a support network, for ourselves and our children. My goal is to create a sense of self-acceptance, humour and joy as I draw on personal experiences such as my own pregnancy and birth of my son Brendan!



Space is limited. Registration is required for each class. Introduce your Family to the joy of Yoga! Strengthen your family bond and encourage a healthy lifestyle through simple postures, breath work, creative play, songs, games, and crafts.
Each class will have a special theme!






This ‘express’ yoga class offers a good start to vitalize your body and let go of the tension of the week. Meditation, breathing, stretching and postures (asanas) will allow you to reach out to your body gently and with openness. Accessible to all, this class invites you unite your body and your consciousness.


For fun, relaxation and rigor, this yoga is a great way to end the day. This practice is a series of postures (asanas) performed in a fluid sequence that increases flexibility and reinforces the body. Celebrate your body and push your limits!

Please note Cathia's courses are given in French










Kundalini Yoga, also known as Yoga of Awareness, is particularly powerful in its effects; sessions are very structured and each of them carries a particular theme to work on. It provides a vast number of very diverse techniques from which to chose to serve one’s main objectives and aspirations.

Please note Sophie's courses are given in French


Come finish the week on a relaxing note to the soothing sounds of Gong.

The evening will start with some mindful breathing exercises, continue for about an hour of relaxation lulled by the sound of a symphonic gong and conclude with a final meditation with a mantra chant. Consult our Events & Activities calendar to know the dates.

Please note Sophie's activities take place in French





In this fun-filled class you will explore new ways of moving through pilates, dance, martial arts and yoga to a wide range of music - building core strength, experiencing new ways of moving and reducing pain and tension in your body.

All levels of experience welcome!



This baby and me bellydance class offers a full-body workout utilizing elements of dance, yoga and pilates at varying levels of intensity based on how the mamas and babies in the class are feeling. come move, sweat, breathe and bond with your little one while toning your bellies from the inside out!




An intense no impact mat workout that focuses on body weight exercises influenced by barre and pilates. The intention is to work the body’s muscles deeply with small, controlled movements while providing release and elongation through stretching. Develop strength from the inside out. A perfect compliment to your healthy lifestyle, Long + Strong is excellent for functional fitness and core strength.

Chantal’s intention is to create a positive space where students of every level can work towards creating a long and strong physique. Her class is calm and welcoming yet delivered with clear and concise instruction, focusing on proper form and breathing. She encourages her students to be present and listen to their bodies throughout the class for optimum results.

Please bring:
your mat, water + towel

Fitted clothing such as leggings are recommend for this class this class

The language in which classes are taught is indicated below the teacher's name

  • FR: French
  • ENG: English
  • FR/ENG: in both languages