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Summer classes with Eliot & Mary Ann at Centre Yoga Aylmer start August 8


Summer classes with Eliot & Mary Ann

at Centre Yoga Aylmer

start August 8!

Photo :

Photo :

MONDAYS, August 8 to August 29 (4 weeks)

YOGA BASICS (ENG) Mary Ann                     

9am – 10:30am                

YOGA LEVEL 1 (ENG) Mary Ann                    

10:45am – 12:15pm       


5pm – 6pm                      

LEVEL 1/2 (FR/ENG) Eliot                              

6:15pm – 7:45pm            $60 taxes included         


WEDNESDAYS,  August 10 to August 31 (4 weeks)

 LEVEL 1 (FR/ENG) Eliot

5:30pm – 7pm                    

LEVEL 2 SYLLABUS (ENG) Mary Ann & Eliot, August 10 to October 26 (12 weeks) 

7:15pm – 8:45pm          


THURSDAYS, August 11 to September 1 (4 weeks)

LEVEL 2 (FRA/ENG) Eliot                               

9am – 10:30am    

See pdf for more information here

See complete class descriptions here

Eliot Acuña


Eliot delights in guiding you in the practice of yoga to discover the beauty and magnificence of your true Self. Her passion for the connection of all things has led her to study holistic nutrition, ReiKi healing and yoga. She finished Anusara Teacher Training in 2010, certified in hatha yoga and practices Iyengar.

Her classes emphasize proper body alignment in a heart-warming and loving way. As a way to introduce students into a deeper inquiry of the Self, she always includes rich, inspirational teachings sourced in the wisdom and grace of non-dual Kashmir Shaivism, which she gratefully studies with her meditation teacher, Paul Muller Ortega. 


Mary Ann Juurlink

Iyengar Yoga is a precise practice focusing on body alignment with the result of an increase in mobility, stability, and strength. My area of interest is to guide the attention of the student again and again to their body alignment from the ground up.

Something magical happens when I practice yoga; my heart opens, I settle and I become joyous.  I love the fact that the joy that unfolds from my practice is something I can bring to my teaching. 

Basically the magical part happens when these movements draw the concentration inward, calming and integrating the mind and body.