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A change for the better

Fall registration

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week of September 23-28, 2013!


A change for the better

At the beginning of summer, we reached out to our community inviting everyone to bring forth their ideas about the system of class cards versus registered sessions.   

We are grateful to all of you who considered our question and to all who wrote to us or talked to us about their ideas, shared their advice and provided support. After listening to everyone and considering very carefully, we have opted to open up the fall as a registered session.

Our experience suggests that students will be encouraged through commitment to a specific period (session) to come on a regular basis, which will allow teachers to plan appropriately and provide students with practices from week to week that compliment each other and support the students’ progression.

Teachers will be appropriately compensated for their work.  Registered sessions make possible an appropriate and fair exchange between the energy the teacher puts in to teaching and the monetary compensation.

Centre Yoga’s energy will be enhanced by the steady presence and participation of students and their teachers. Everyone, and even the greater Aylmer community, will benefit from the sustained vibration of love that will emanate from the Centre!

Now let’s understand a little more about what we are getting into.  Below are the new sessions details, the fall schedule and cost. Let us know if you have any questions. You may use the address

Abundant Love,




For Prenatal Yoga courses, Parent & Baby Yoga and Childrens’ Yoga with Melissa, a card system is being offered (see below).

For the other courses (except Kundalini yoga), the registration fees take into account the number of weeks per semester and the length of the course. To help you understand, here is a list of all courses offered this fall at Yoga Centre Aylmer, including the number of weeks and the cost. (Tax included).

Registration costs and course fees

How will it work?

  1. Fall 2013 session will run from September 23rd to December 21st, 2013.
  2. Week of September 23-28 will be a free week, during which all students may try most classes at no fee (except Kundalini yoga; prenatal yoga; yoga parent & baby; and children's yoga)
  3. The registration fee will cover the weeks from September 30 to December 20th (12 weeks) and is to be paid at the first class of the session
  4. Registered session does not apply to prenatal yoga, children’s yoga or parent & baby yoga
  5. Registered students who miss classes may use the class credit towards any other class (with Cathia, Catherine or Eliot) within the same session.
  6. Registered students who would like to drop in to additional classes at any time within the same session and who are not making up a missed class, will benefit from a drop-in fee equal to the cost of their registered classes within the same session.
  7. Non-registered students will pay a drop-in fee of 17$ (taxes included)
  8. Any credit remaining on your current class card will be used towards the registration fee.
  9. Students registered will pay their class fees according to the following description (taxes included):
  • 1 class a week (75 min or 90 min. classes):

                           13.80$/class multiplied by the number of classes in the session.

  • 1 class a week (60 min class):

                          11.00$/class multiplied by the number of classes in the session.

  • 2 classes a week (10% global discount)
  • 3 classes a week (15% global discount)