An 18-month Course

a lifetime of practice

Learning the practice and the theory of the practice

Neelakantha Meditation is learned in a formal process of instruction. This ensures that the practitioner receives the right practice and the right way to practice. When we learn Neelakantha Meditation, we also learn how the practice works.  This provides us with an elegant synergy of knowledge and experience. Having both the experience and the knowledge of the practice together help build a strong foundation for a lifetime of meditation practice and the fulfillment of its benefits.


Formal instruction is a two or three-day process that will provide you

with all you need to have for a self-sufficient meditation practice.



DAY 1 (approximately 2 hours)

  • Learn about Neelakantha Meditation and how it works.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Personal instruction into the practice.

DAY 2 (anywhere between 2 and 4 hours)

Note: day two material can be divided into two days if convenient for participants and the teacher

  • In-depth explanation about the theory and review of the practice of Neelakantha - Meditation
  • How to establish your home practice
  • Questions and Answers
  • Group meditation

18-months of support

We are well aware that establishing a practice in one's daily life can present numerous challenges. Also, at Blue Throat Yoga, we know that knowledge is cultivated and refined over time.

Therefore, when you learn Neelakantha Meditation, support, guidance and the possibility for deeper learning continues to be available for you after you have received formal individual instruction.


What does the 18 months of support look like?

Support is given in the form of

  • monthly live teleseminars in which you can ask questions
  • an email address to which you can write anytime with your questions
  • invitations to join special live Satsang teleseminars with Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD
  • invitations to participate in Blue Throat Yoga’s Vibrating Silence Retreats
  • monthly group meditations (depending on the area in which you live)
  • online library that contains :

-a vast number of pre-recorded teleseminars with Paul Muller-Ortega

-pre-recorded teleseminars with the Neelakantha Meditation Initiates Guiding Group

-practices to support your practice

-materials to support your practice

-translation and commentary of key Shaivite Tantric texts by Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD


Course Tuition

Standard adult: $500 CDN + taxes

Minors 13 -17 yrs old: $250 CDN + taxes

Full-time student 18 - 26 yrs old: $400 CDN + taxes

Seniors 75 to 85 yrs old: $400 CDN + taxes

Seniors 86+: $0

You have questions? Call Eliot : 819-923-7077