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Neelakantha Meditation Information Sessions 2018

Eliot is happy to share more about this beautiful practice with you and answer your questions. Please communicate directly with Eliot at or 819-923-7077 for more information.

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Neelakantha Meditation Formal Instruction 2018

Instruction is normally given over the course of two days



The next dates for Neelakantha Meditation formal instructions will be

Saturday August 18th at 1pm and 19th at 1pm (in Aylmer)
September 29th at 1pm and 30th at 10am (in Aylmer)
October 27th at 4pm and 28th time 2-4:30pm (in Dorval)
November 24th and 25th time TBD (in Dorval)

The language of teaching will depend on the language of the participants.

* From1:30pm to 3pm there will be a formal instruction in a group setting followed by some personal instruction privately for 45 minutes per individual.

For further information, please contact Eliot at or 819-923-7077