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Bhakti in the woods, August 19-21, 2016

This year, Centre Yoga Aylmer is sponsering an event, Bhakti in the woods, a yoga and music festival taking place in .... from August 19-21, 2016. Here is some information from their web site:

How it all began…

In late summer 2012, a group of people gathered at a rural property near Ladysmith, Quebec, to enjoy a weekend of chanting, music, meditation and other spirit-friendly activities. It was an informal occasion, and those who made it there did so largely by word of mouth and social media. Everyone agreed that the weekend, saturated with such joy and music, was the spiritual highlight of the summer. So we decided to plan a second Bhakti in the Woods Festival in 2013.

Now it is in it’s 4th year, and the bhakti beat keeps going on… We gather in the company of talented musicians, story-tellers, healers, performers, spiritual leaders, and each other; and we come seeking awareness, community and joy. Bhakti in the Woods 2016 promises to be entertaining, delightful and ultimately a profound experience for us all.

Trees, Healing, and You: Guided Imagery, Poems, Stories, & Other Empowering Tools

by Kimberly Burnham (Author), Céline Cloutier (Author), & 4 more

Too many people's health is failing. Too many trees are being destroyed. Conscious awareness of the trees around you can improve your memory, decrease anxiety, stimulate deeper breathing, and so much more. With the guidance of authors, poets, and lovers of this Earth: Kimberly Burnham, Céline Cloutier, Daniel Tigner, Margo Royce, Basia Alexander, and Jim Conroy, you can find healing for yourself, your family, your community, AND the trees you love or want to understand.
Engage in words and poetry with vivid imagery, energetic phrases, and healing intentions to support your own well-being. Imagine how noticing the growth of a tree from a tiny seed or the essence of life coursing through tall green trees can help you harness your own life force.
The way forward is inside this book.

• Draw healing from remembered experiences with tree.
• Find comfort in the trees around you.
• Learn how to "hear" and help trees in your yard or community.
• Connect with tree essences for greater patience, joy, and healing.
• Read and write poems about trees and "see" how this stimulates your brain.
• Enjoy the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meditation.
• See yourself and the trees as vital parts of the unity of life on Earth.
• Meditate in a natural green environment, breathe in nourishing air, and strengthen your life force.

Link to the book's page on Amazon here

Bobby Clennell's monthly pose


Bobby Clennell is a very inspiring yoga teacher.  She has written several books on yoga for women and she teaches with wisdom, enthusiasm and a great sense of humour.  I took a wonderful weekend workshop with Bobby last summer when she came to Ottawa, hosted by my teacher Barbara Young.  I learned so much!

So, here is a little bit of Bobby's creativity and wisdom for you!  Please make sure to read her helpful hints and advice for each āsana as you go along.

May we all be inspired!


This is how she introduces her project:

"Aim for each cell of the body to be stable – then the mind can be quiet." B.K.S. Iyengar

Each month, starting January 2016 and continuing through December 2016, I will present illustrations and concise instructions for a yoga pose that you can practice along with. Strung together, the completed twelve poses make up a yoga session that is appropriate for beginners and experienced students alike. The completed sequence incorporates a warm up at the start, then poses to take you through a wide range of movement and focused work. These include standing poses to build strength and inverted poses to boost immunity and hormonal balance. The sequence finishes with some cooling poses.

My best wishes to all. Enjoy your practice!

Bobby Clennell


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