Centre Yoga Aylmer


In its seven years of existence as a school of authentic yoga teachings Centre Yoga has continuously evolved and refined its offerings.

Nested in the heart of the town of Aylmer, Centre Yoga is a unique studio that provides its space for yoga asana classes, meditation, yoga text studies and intensives.

In line with the diversity of the universe, Centre Yoga opens its space for various kinds of yoga practices and other kinds of activities.



Here you will find experienced and skilled teachers who are making their sincere offeringswith great enthusiasm and love. As you browse this site for classes, look out for the information on various styles of yoga and pilates.   

Thanks to the experience and understanding of their own evolving practice, Centre Yoga’s teachers strive continuously to bring forward the best and the highest for the students. 

Centre Yoga is a Canadian Yoga Alliance certified school, in which aspiring teachers learn how to teach yoga. Centre Yoga’s Teach Yoga Program is an in-depth, 2-year minimum, 500-hour certification. It prepares teachers to have a strong foundational personal yoga practice, extensive knowledge of the postures, and a deep understanding of the yoga tradition, its history, its evolution and how to integrate the teachings respectfully and effectively into our modern life.

Centre Yoga certified teachers are especially known for their depth of knowledge, their ability to instruct proper alignment and the elegant way their classes are structured to serve the students. They teach yoga asana for specific levels, age groups, and health needs. 

“Dear Eliot, I wanted to extend my warmest thanks for your teaching during the daily practice. Returning to the source, THE HEART, challenged me, and delightedly! (..) I do not miss an opportunity to mention that I learned the basics with you at Centre Yoga. Really. Therefore, you will understand that I have no objection for you to make use of this testimonial. It is authentic. I hope I can still benefit from your teaching; the newsletter keeps me informed”. Brigitte Allard

Eliot Santa Monica.png

Thanks for both the classes last week. It's great to be back in the
studio stretching and challenging myself. It's also nice to see the studio grow with lots of new faces and energies.
Andrew Dumbrille

After several years of deep study and personal practice, Eliot, the founder and main teacher at Centre Yoga, is thrilled to now offer the beautiful and authentic practice of Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga. Centre Yoga is a regional hub for learning this deep and evolutionary practice that is grounded in the elegant non-dual Kashmir Shaivite Tradition.

Centre Yoga owes its existence to all the dedicated teachers who provide their beautiful high offerings in this space, and also to the many devoted students who come to practice.  As the students themselves evolve in their continued regular practice, they contribute collectively in making the space a sanctuary for all yoga practitioners.

Whole-hearted gratitude!

Jai, jai!