Neelakantha Meditation

taught by Eliot Acuña

authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga

Neelakantha Meditation is an easy, simple and effective practice of deep meditation.  Grounded in ancient tradition and the knowledge of great masters of consciousness, it is a practical modern practice, which is efficient and life-affirming. It requires no skill or talent to learn and practice and it is accessible to everyone regardless of age, ethnic origin, culture or belief.


Neelakantha Meditation elegantly aligns with the natural functioning of the mind and body. Therefore, it allows for an easy and natural practice.



Neelakantha Meditation is a practice, which is easy to learn and integrate into your life. It provides you self-sufficiency and autonomy in your practice of meditation. 

Once learned you always have it with you and can practice it anywhere where you can safely sit with no need of any external tools or teachers.


Life supportive

When practiced regularly and correctly as instructed, Neelakantha Meditation will uplift your life in every way.  It provides you with deep restfulness and healing and a daily surge of energy that naturally enhance creativity, strength, clarity, joy and many other beneficial qualities in your life. 

Through a deeper knowledge of yourself, you will gain balance, wisdom and harmony and an ability to meet challenges that arise in day-to-day life with increasing intelligence and serenity.



Neelakantha Meditation is grounded in ancient wisdom of the Shaivite tradition of Kashmir.  Great masters of consciousness deeply studied, practiced and taught their students this science. The teachings and practice have been transmitted to us by Paul Muller-Ortega.

Paul Muller-Ortega has not only had a life-long personal meditation practice of over 50 years and studied with the world’s most renown modern meditation masters, but he also has devoted his life to the scholarly study of ancient texts. He taught religion at Michigan and Rochester University for 25 years. As a scholar and Sanskritist, he has a direct and deep understanding of the original wisdom texts that teach about the science of consciousness and the practice of meditation.

Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation

Eliot met Paul Muller-Ortega in 2009 and was taken by his depth of knowledge and experience.  She learned the practice of Neelakantha Meditation in 2011 and has been studying with Paul assiduously since then. She is now an authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga and is thrilled to be able to offer this practice to others.