In the Lake of the Heart

a 7-day yoga retreat in Guatemala

with Eliot

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Lake Atitlán is held sacred by the people of Guatemala.

Symbolically, it is honored as the source place of all creation. Bathing in its waters is a blessing to your body, mind and soul.
In the yoga tradition, the sacred lake, source-place of all creation, is the exquisite space of the heart, symbolically called the lake of the heart.
Eliot warmly invites you to take part daily in yoga practices of asana, meditation, chanting, contemplation and the study of inspiring sacred texts intended to open the channels that take us deeply into the space of the heart, source place of all creation.

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About the practice

Asana (yoga postures)

Eliot teaches asana according to her own practice and experience. During an asana class, she pays close attention to the students strengths and needs and adapts her classes to support each student accordingly. Though her classes emphasize proper body alignment that Eliot continuously studies and refines, she also weaves the teachings of yoga elegantly into the poses to guide students to the subtler realms of the Self and expand their awareness.


Thanks to Eliot’s continued studies within the tradition of non-dual Tantra and sacred scripture, she has acquired a love for sacred Indian chants and mantras. Having experienced the beneficial power of chanting herself, she is grateful to be able to share them with others.


This year's retreat will be founded on selected verses from various sacred texts from India, with particular emphasis on the energies of sun and moon.
Exceptionally this year, Eliot’s sister, Maya archeologist Mary Jana Acuña, will be offering short lectures on the symbolism of sun and moon energies according to the Maya tradition. Between Eliot and Mary Jane, they will energetically connect mystical traditions and provide students wisdom teachings to connect to their own inner currents.

PrANAYAma (breathing techniques)

Breath awareness brings us into greater intimacy with our bodies and is a vehicle for our awareness to travel into subtler, peaceful and yet powerful realms of the Self. During retreat, Eliot teaches pranayama every afternoon.

Photo Villa Sumaya

Photo Villa Sumaya

Dhyana (meditation)

During the sacred times of the rising sun and the setting of the sun, Eliot guides students to repose their awareness in the continuous rising and setting pulsation in the heart center and infuse with the rich and uplifting essence of the highest Self.

Mauna (silence)

Participants will be invited to be in silence during a determined period of time in order to enjoy more fully the inward turning of awareness.


photo : S. Gaudreault

photo : S. Gaudreault


Maya Protective Fire Ceremony

Every year Eliot offers retreat students the opportunity to participate in a beautiful and powerful protective fire ceremony celebrated by a Maya Guide.

Accommodations & Rates

YOGA with Eliot

425 $ CA per person (taxes included)


- Sunrise and sunset meditations
- 2,5 hour morning asana and guided study
- 2 hour afternoon restorative and Pranayama practice
- A fire protection ceremony with a Maya guide


Price per person (US dollars)
(taxes included)

Photo : S. Gaudreault

Photo : S. Gaudreault

- 7 nights in elegant and comfortable accommodations
- 3 delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals / daily
and ongoing coffee and tea service



Rooms :

Lotus House Rooms

Single occupancy : 1 065 $ US

Double occupancy : 855 $ US


Ginger Suites ROOMS

Single occupancy : 1 240 $ US

Double occupancy : 925 $ US


- Any additional snacks and beverages during your stay
- Any additional spa and tour services

REGISTRATION (check, cash or transfer)

  • Deposit of 500 $ US upon registration
  • Total payment required by December 15, 2017
  • Please make all payments to the name of Eliot Acuna


Yoga with Eliot :

  • Sunrise and sunset meditations
  • 2,5 hour morning asana and guided study
  • 2 hour afternoon restorative and Pranayama practice
  • A fire protection ceremony with a Maya guide


- In case of cancellation before December 15, 2017, you will be reimbursed minus a 350 $ CA fees
- The total amount is non-reimbursable after December 28, 2017


Airfare (not included) to and from Guatemala

- Most students find deals of approx. 750 $ - 800 $ if shopped in advance


Transportation to and from Villa Sumaya

- Shuttle : approx. 180 $ US (round trip) for a single person
If participants share a shuttle, the price is distributed amongst them to up to 70 $

Per passenger (round trip)
- Boat : 30 $ US (round trip)

Photo: S. Gaudreault

Photo: S. Gaudreault

You can talk to Eliot if you have any questions: 819-923-7077


Photo: S. Gaudreaul

Photo: S. Gaudreaul

        visit Villa Sumaya's web site

       visit Villa Sumaya's web site