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Om Christmas tree. Yoga and meditation at Arboretum with Eliot and Hafiz

An outdoor yoga asana practice & tree
meditation at the Ottawa Arboretum
December 7, from 11am to 12:15pm



According to the Dutch writer Tony van Renterghem in his book “When Santa Was a Shaman,” the Santa Claus story has its origins in ancient times and the Christmas Tree goes back to myths about the tree of fire (now the decorations and lights on the Christmas Tree, the burning of the yule log and related traditions). What better way then to connect with the roots of the ancient rites at the heart of our holidays then a tree meditation mixed with a wintry yoga practice outside! Our Elf, Eliot, will guide us through some tree yoga poses and Hafiz will take us through a meditation journey to tune into and appreciate the beauty and grace of a Pine Tree!

10 $ per adult
15$ per family

Ottawa Arboretum - we meet at 10:45am
at the main parking lot, by the buildings!
Dress according to the weather !
After practice, those who want to
can gather at Cafe Mulligan
in Aylmer for tea!

Registration & information

819 332-1616

download pdf

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