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Equinox Retreat in the Eastern Townships

  • Centre Tara 184, RR 10 Bonsecours (QC) Canada (carte)

Open the Currents of Radiance

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Equinox Retreat in the Eastern Townships
March 28 to 30, 2014

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In sync with the natural cycles of our planetary habitat, we ceremoniously welcome a time of melting and unwrapping to allow the bright inner beauty, power and creativity of the true Self to emerge.  

Join Eliot for a unique yoga retreat at Centre Tara for storytelling, chanting, asana, dancing, ReiKi healing, laughter yoga and meditation.

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Currents of radiance are naturally also currents of healing.  During this retreat, we will awaken and honor our natural healing powers with an opportunity for ReiKi level 1 initiation, attunement for those who are already initiated, and sweet group ReiKi healings. 

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Immersed in beautiful ancient yoga practices, we will learn about the power of playfulness.  
So yes...laughter yoga!  Have you ever heard “laughter is the best medicine?”.  

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  • two nights accommodation  (4 pm check-in on March 28 and  6 pm check out on March 30) 
  • six vegetarian meals beginning with dinner on Friday, March 28 and ending with lunch on Sunday, March 30.
  • all practices except for ReiKi initiations*  (see below for details)
  • sauna

Cost (all taxes included) per person

  • Dorm -  $269 
  • Double occupancy (shared bath)  - $289 
  • Double occupancy (private bath)  - $299 

 About ReiKi

ReiKi is a laying on of hands touch healing system of incomparable ease and power.  It is part of every one of us and universal in that way.  Historical information traces its use way back to 620 BCE in India under a different name. It was given the Japanese name ReiKi, when Mikao Usui rediscovered the system in the late 19th century, initiating others and empowering us to do the same.  ReiKi means universal life force, the essence of all creation and thereby the supreme healing intelligence within all levels of being.  The sweetness comes from applying it directly through the limbs of our very own heart centre: the hands.

*Please note that ReiKi initiations and attunements are not included in the retreat price and are offered as follows: 

  • ReiKi 1 initiation (manual included): $50
  • Attunement (for those already initiated with Eliot): free
  • Attunement for those not initiated with Eliot: $20

Reserve by sending payment
(check to macadamia) to

142 Frank Robinson ave.
Gatineau QC J9H 4A6

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Eliot Acuña

Eliot Acuña

Eliot delights in guiding you in the practice of yoga to discover the beauty and magnificence of your true Self. Her passion for the connection of all things has led her to study holistic nutrition, ReiKi healing and yoga. She finished Anusara Teacher Training in 2010, certified in hatha yoga and practices Iyengar.

Her classes emphasize proper body alignment in a heart-warming and loving way. As a way to introduce students into a deeper inquiry of the Self, she always includes rich, inspirational teachings sourced in the wisdom and grace of non-dual Kashmir Shaivism, which she gratefully studies with her meditation teacher, Paul Muller Ortega. 

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