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BECOMING ONE WITH MOTHER EARTH : A rare visit by Grandmother Selina

An Invitation

to Sacred Circle

Sunday August 16th  2015

1pm to 3:30pm





A rare visit by Grandmother Selina from

Nova Scotia, Canada  The Eastern Door


Greetings To All,

Deep within our Being we carry DNA  Cellular Codes aligning us to our true Nature….One with the Earth as we are emerging. You will experience Awakening of your Cellular Codes with the direct and loving guidance from Mother Earth Herself and the Great Tree of Life. 

Mother Earth will be speaking and bringing her direct healing energies.

On the night of the New Moon, Grandmother Selina connected with the Tree of Life that let it be known that the (Mother Tree) called the Tree of Life has emerged to support our Journey back to Oneness.

This is to be a profoundly deep experience of Sacred Alignment with your Spirit and All That Is.
Enter and Receive

Heart Awakening ~ Welcome to the New Earth

All Hearts are Welcome ~ All Levels ~ One & All

Sacred Circle of Healing Light and Wisdom

For Private Sessions available (email Grandmother Selina)

Centre Yoga Aylmer

142 Frank Robinson

Aylmer, Quebec

Registration Is Required

(space is limited)
Email Registration
  819-332-1616 or



Selina is Author of the upcoming Book Council of Trees ~ Earth Spirit Wisdom ~ Talks With Trees


Dear Selina
Thank you for the Gift of last night's Sacred Circle. I feel priviledged to have participated. You held such a gentle welcoming space, keeping us safe and held in love. It was a Sacred Circle indeed
Catherine Daws - Bedford, Nova Scotia
Light Being

December 2014

Grandmother Selina
I feel so grateful for the beautiful healing session. It is a rare priviledge to connect with a True Healer and Shaman of such great awareness, presence and integrity as you most surely are

Andrew McKeracher - Melbourne, Australia

Grandmother Selina is an Ancient Healer~ EarthKeeper ~Storyteller and  Sound Being.

She carries Medicines of the New Earth as a Ceremonial Bundle Keeper. Selina's Gifts as Helper,are to assist those who are ready to align with their Centre back into Oneness with Nature, Source Creator and All That Is. 

MU (Mother Earth) is one of Selina's Guides as well as Grandmother Turtle and other Cosmic Beings that are Guarding and Assisting the Earth and all upon her through this Great Time of Renewal.

The Ancient Ones have entrusted Selina with the Wisdom Medicine of the Ages to heal the Earth and restore Light. This is powered by Source Creator and the Infinite Power of Creation into the Centre of Infinity for the Birth of A New Earth that is upon us.

Selina's mixed ancestral lineages reflects the coming together of the Races as we return to Harmony with Nature. Grandmother Selina's work comes through the Wisdom of the Ancient Medicine Lodges and Temples of the Sacred Feminine.

This is a rare opportunity to connect deeply with Earth Mother's Spirit to receive her Blessings and Medicine for you

Grandmother Selina brings an Ancient Sacred Medicine Way to restore Oneness with Source Creator,Your Spirit and with Earth. 

She aligns with the Divine in All of Creation and connects to all Paths leading back to the Centre of Infinity

Grandmother's Medicine Lodge

Mikmaqi/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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