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Teach Yoga program with Eliot

Teach Yoga

September 17, 2016 to June 17, 2017                       

250 hours minimum*

Through wildly fun but serious lecture, study, practice, observation, assisting and teaching, students will acquire the skills to articulate and teach properly aligned asanas in effective sequences, elegantly theme their classes to yoga’s higher teachings and provide assistance to students of different ages, levels of practice and needs.

 * Number of hours: The first component of the Deepen and Refine program will offer at least 250 hours, as will the Teaching Yoga second component. Students who have successfully completed both parts of the program will receive a 500 hours certification by the Centre Yoga Aylmer.
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  • Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm - lecture and practice (no class Oct 8, 2 other Sat. TBD; Dec. 24, 31, Jan 7 & 14 and two Sat.TBD)
  • One 90-minute public class a week with Eliot
  • Minimum of 18 hours of class observation
  • 13.5 hours of assisting
  • 10 assessed teaching hours
  • 4 hours of private guidance
  • 64 hours of home study, practice and assignments

 Fees :

$1740 taxes included (plus books - approx. $200)

after June 1, 2016 $ 1940 (taxes included) (plus books, see above)

To register please provide $500 non-reimbursable deposit


  • Completion of the 266 hours of Deepen your Practice and Refine your Understanding Program (or equivalent - contact Eliot)
  • Currently practicing at least once-a-week with Eliot
  • written assignment

Info and registration :

(819) 923-7077

About Eliot

Eliot’s greatest delight arises in teaching yoga to guide students to discover the beauty and magnificence of their true Self. Though her passion for the connection of all things has led her to study holistic nutrition, ReiKi healing and yoga, her preferred medium is teaching yoga. She completed Anusara Teacher Training in 2010 and certified in hatha yoga.  She gratefully continues the study and refinement of asana under the guidance of senior Iyengar teachers. 

Not only is she committed to continuously hone her skills to practice and teach asana, but as a long-time meditator and student of non-dual Tantra, she also elegantly weaves higher teachings into her classes as a way of bringing students deeper into the subtler realms of experience. 

Eliot teaches to support the increase of awareness and to empower students to align with their highest potential in their bodies, their minds and their hearts. Her wholesome classes follow the rhythms of the moon and always include aligned asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation.

Now, through this unique new program, Eliot would like extend the opportunity to mature students to deepen their practice and refine their understanding of the teachings. 

For those students who then feel the yearning to teach and share, the first part of the program becomes a foundation upon which she will teach the second part on how to elegantly, appropriately and powerfully articulate both the asana and the subtler teachings to all levels of students.  

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