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Sister Healing Circle with Danika

Sister Healing Circle with Danika

April 9
10am to 12pm

Dearest Sister,

Deep bow and tremendous Gratitude to all the BeautyFull women who showed up so fully and gracefully for the New Year Sisters Healing Circle! Such pure Joy in connecting, healing, envisioning and creating with such a DeLightFull group of women! Together, we have raised a total of 420$, which will all be going towards the sponsoring of such an inspiring family of Syrian refugees. May women continue to gather always, for the benefit of all beings and all our relations. 💛✨

Time to reignite the fire and come together...a time for you, a time for your Sisters, a time for all women of the world... to love, to heal, to pray, to play. 

You are HeartFully invited to join me in this Sister Healing Circle, which I will be hosting on Sunday April 10, from 10am to 12pm.

During this sacred time, and in Synchronicity with the soon after Full Moon, you will be nurtured with restorative movement and massage, breath work, guided meditations and vibrational sound healing.

Space is limited, so please register by responding to this invitation to save your spot! 

Registration will close when the circle is full.

Please bring a yoga mat, a thermos filled with your favorite hot herbal tea, and, if you feel inspired, a small sacred object you hold dear to your heart. 

This event is donation based. 100% of your offerings will go toward the fees required to help a beautiful Syrian refugee family Danika is sponsoring in their coming to Canada.

Looking forward to telling you all about it! Suggested minimum donation is of 40$, but if you feel heartfully inspired to offer more, please do!

Circle will be held at the very BeautyFull Centre Yoga studio: 

142 Frank Robinson Avenue, Gatineau (Aylmer)

We are dreaming back our sisters. Remembering the feeling of being thigh to thigh in the circle. Feeding the fire. Adorning one another in honor of the goddess within. Celebrating the blood, tears, ecstasy and grief in our feminine bones. You are not alone. You never were. We are here, beating the drum for you. Come take your place in the circle of things. " ~ Lisa Schrader


With Loving-care,


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