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Evolve with daily practice with Eliot

with daily practice

with Eliot

June 19 to 30, 2017

A daily appointment with yourself on your mat holds a bridge of less than 24 hours from practice to practice. The cumulative nurturing effect of your practices is therefore more powerful than a weekly or bi-weekly practice.

Daily practice of āsana (postures), chant, prānāyāma (breathing), meditation and śavāsana will support the deepening of your awareness and the path to the majestic true Self.

Daily Schedule from June 19 to 30

Morning practices: NEW 7:15am to 8:45am and 9am to 10:30am

Evening practice 6pm to 7:30pm

12-day option (all taxes included) Either morning or evening practice $156

Can’t do the 12 days? other options can be organized with Eliot


OR (819) 923-7077


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