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On Turtle's Back ~ with Grandmother Selina

On Turtle's Back ~ The Wisdom and Power of You 

Spring Renewal Transformation

SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014 at 10:00 am

Enter Sacred Circle and be transformed.

Join Grandmother Selina together with

The Medicine and Wisdom of Ancient Turtle

and the Divine Ones

to restore Harmony and Light within.

Turtle holds the history of Earth on her back. She carries your Story.

  • You will experience deep Soul Clearing and Awakening of your Spirit
  • Clearing and Activation of your DNA Soul Codes for Remembering
  • Chakra Attunement to New Earth
  • Karma Clearing of old issues
  • 3rd Eye Activation
  • Wisdom Teachings, Healing Energies, Messages from Earth Mother and the Divine Ones with Source Creator
  • Divine Feminine and Masculine Balancing

We will attune to MU (Earth Mother) Wisdom and receive directly from Her, Medicine Teachings and Guidance with Grandmother Turtle and more.

All Levels, All People, All Hearts are Welcome

 Sacred Circle   $80.00

Private Healing Sessions $100.00

Centre Aylmer Yoga

Eliot Acuna

142 Frank Robinson

Aylmer, Quebec

Email or Call to Register

(space is limited)



Grandmother Selina is an Ancient Healer~ EarthKeeper ~Storyteller and Sound Being. She carries the Medicines of the New Earth.

Selina's Gifts as Helper,are to assist those who are ready to align with their Centre back into Oneness with Source Creator and All That Is. 

MU (Mother Earth) is one of Selina's Guides as well as Grandmother Turtle and other Cosmic Beings that are Guarding and Assisting the Earth through this Great Time of Renewal.

The Divine Ancient Ones have entrusted Selina with the Wisdom Medicine of the Ages to heal the Earth and restore Light. This is powered by Source Creator and the Infinite Power of Creation into the Centre of Infinity for the Birth of A New Day to come.
Selina's mixed ancestral lineages reflects the coming together of the Races as we return to Harmony with Nature. 

Grandmother Selina's work comes through the Divine Intelligence of the Ancient Medicine Lodges and Temples of the Sacred Feminine.

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