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Neelakantha Meditation : 2 days formal instruction with Eliot


An 18-month Course

a lifetime of practice

Learning the practice and the theory of the practice

Neelakantha Meditation is learned in a formal process of instruction. This ensures that the practitioner receives the right practice and the right way to practice. When we learn Neelakantha Meditation, we also learn how the practice works.  This provides us with an elegant synergy of knowledge and experience. Having both the experience and the knowledge of the practice together help build a strong foundation for a lifetime of meditation practice and the fulfillment of its benefits.

Formal instruction is a two or three-day process that will provide you with all you need to have for a self-sufficient meditation practice.

Saturday, October 14th at 2pm (duration of session will depend on number of participants) and Sunday, October 15th from 1pm to 3pm

Centre Yoga Aylmer

42, Frank-Robinson Avenue

Gatineau (Aylmer sector)


(819) 923-7077



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