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Mantric Fire workshop with Paul Muller-Ortega

Mantric Fire workshop with Paul Muller-Ortega

Practices of the Shaiva Tradition

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In a Mantric Fire Workshop, renowned scholar and teacher Paul Muller-Ortega takes participants on a journey of experiential discovery of the Tantric practices of the Heart. Every Mantric Fire Workshop is fresh and inspiring, full of new insights, thought-provoking considerations, and powerful practices.

Mantric Fire Workshops encompass a rich array of offerings and experiences that are beneficial to life in the world. Ancient in origin, these practices and teachings from the Shaiva Tantra tradition orient us to a more liberative trajectory of life and allow the modern practitioner to gain direct access to the interior, subtle spaces of living Consciousness.

This experiential journey is accessible to everyone, regardless of background or belief. Each Mantric Fire Workshop is unique, and invites you deeply into your own Heart in a rare gathering of profound consideration and learning. Specific practices taught may include the Release Practice, the Intention Offering practice, the Amrita Guru practice, Japa or chanting, the study of sacred texts, and other group practices that raise the vibration of our awareness. Join us for this workshop to pierce into the heart of awakening that is already moving inside each person, inviting you to live in a higher and more evolutionary way!

The workshop centers on the fundamental principles of Svatantra: the Tantric teaching of the ultimate freedom of Consciousness. Rooted in these ancient teachings, yet applicable to the modern practitioner, these powerful practices are offered to clear away any impediments to full access to, and expression of, Consciousness within.

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June 14

from 1pm to 5:30pm

$90 USD Early Pricing, $108 USD Regular.  Early pricing in effect through May 20th.

Students enrolled in the Sat.-Sun. June 15-16, 2019 Meditation Course with Paul receive 50% off the cost of the Mantric Fire Workshop.


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