Sheshsay Vishnu and Lakshmi enjoying festivity, National Museum New Delhi, Chamba, Pahari, By Yann (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sheshsay Vishnu and Lakshmi enjoying festivity, National Museum New Delhi, Chamba, Pahari, By Yann (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Woman and Goddess:  2 words  - one quest

 « One is not born a woman, one becomes one » Simone de Beauvoir

Believe it or not, you are a goddess… Yes!  You!

Despite your natural tendency to constantly criticize yourself, there is, hidden deep within you, a goddess both powerful and sweet, patiently waiting for a sign from you to come out into the open.

By awakening to your feminine power, you open a path for your inner world to become gradually more balanced and less determined by the old and prerogative patriarchal model.

 What would your life be like if you approached each day as though you were a goddess?
- would you finally stop doubting your own worth?
- Would you love your own image  reflected in the mirror and would you enjoy moving your hips?
- Would you unconditionally love yourself and would you feel loved at all times?

 So many centuries have passed since the religion of the great goddess dominated the world and since the very nature of the feminine got lost in the meanders of humanity’s memory. The feminine suffers in today's world and through its wounds, it is claiming its birthrights. The feminine is desperately trying to rediscover its essence.

 Me… a goddess… really?

 Absolutely… When you were a child, you knew in the very depths of your being, that you were born to live something very special. And despite what you experienced and went through, traces of this certitude  remain within you. You were born with a higher purpose, but from queen and goddess, you became slave to your fears, your illusions and your sundry appetites, yearning for an illusory power. Now is the time to awaken the goddess in your heart to gently let her emerge in the world.

 You may ask me why?

Because the goddess is your feminine essence, it is the true power and spiritual glory that lies within each and every woman. <em>Maybe</em>, you may reply anew, still sceptical and quite wary… <em>but then, how do we wake up this dormant goddess?</em></span> Both wild and eternal, the goddess knows the past, present as well as the future. She urges you to trust your instincts and your will to live, to stay connected to reality and love and she implores you to enjoy life. The dormant goddess in you manifests itself openly in various forms.  Hospitality, receptivity, ability to lend an ear, depth of character, intuition and love of the body .... are some of the goddess values.

 But how do I go about it?

 You can reclaim ownership of the sacred feminine, the woman’s essence, using goddesses archetypes from different traditions and mythologies.  The concepts of archetype and collective unconscious were initially defined by Jung. According to him, there is a collective unconscious, the foundation of the imagination which is common to all peoples through time. This collective unconscious manifest itselfs in legends, myths and religions. Common to humanity, the unconscious is structured by archetypes. These archetypes are universal symbols that constitute the language conveying the deep heritage of mankind.

 The archetype is universal and transpersonal, it lies at the heart of the collective human psyche. The same archetype is personified in various forms in all cultures and in all myths. Source of spiritual wisdom and inner guidance, the archetype influences our thinking, our way of being and behavior. Each archetype harbors knowledge and lessons he/she wants us to share.

 Archetypes help us heal our wounds and face life’s challenges. A source of renewed energy, they accompany us and help us discover new ways to act. So do not wait any longer to meet the archetypal goddesses!

 Each goddess represents a specific energy, an aspect of ourselves.

Embark on a journey deep within your own heart, to get to know the archetype goddesses who live there. You will then be able to have a different perspective of the events that you experience.

 Dare to give voice to each of them, to allow you to live a more creative life, richer and fuller. Begin a dialogue with each of them so that you can see yourself differently and live more authentically. Enter your soul’s labyrinth and follow through: travel with confidence on your path to self-knowledge.

 Celebrate the male and female cohabitation within you to fully enjoy a balanced life.
Get rid of automatisms and conditionings of all kinds.
Archetype goddesses are there to shake you and urge you to become a radiant being rather than merely go through life.

 Revel in the multiple goddess incarnations within you and become the heroine of your life!

 Yoga Goddess:
Kundalini Yoga, also known as Yoga of Awareness, is particularly powerful in its effects. Sessions are structured and each of them carries a particular theme to work on. It provides a many and diverse techniques from which to choose to serve one’s main objectives and aspirations.

 One of Kundalini Yoga’s strengths is to enable specific practices on various topics, which can be used as a means to work on the particular energy associated with the archetype of the goddess targeted. Thus, thanks to kryas (sets of exercises) and carefully selected meditations, it will be possible to raise your awareness of the qualities conveyed by the archetype, to befriend them and integrate them into your life.

 Sophie Terrasse, M.A., IKYTA leads Kundalini Yoga retreats and workshops that focus on the activation, awareness and celebration of the many facets of the feminine using Greek and Oriental goddess archetypes.
Sophie joined the wonderful team at Centre Yoga Aylmer in September 2013 and currently offers two weekly classes of Kundalini Yoga as well as relaxation sessions to the soothing sound of her gong.

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