The Transcendental mind

What is the transcendental mind? Perhaps one definition would be a mind that finds meaning and fulfillment in any and every action.

How can we experience it? Probably all of us have experienced it... Think of a day when you were on vacation, doing nothing in particular. Perhaps for a second you were just sitting down and suddenly felt the nice warm breeze on your cheek, and became aware of the beautiful rays of the sun cruising by the patio, and felt a nice tingling sensation in your body. In that moment you felt joy and were at peace.

What made the experience possible? I believe it is the state of mind—not the place or the surroundings, but the state of mind. A state in which thoughts are nearly or completely gone and the concentration is very strong. With this comes our tremendous ability to absorb the information and stimuli that surround us, giving us the feeling of being alive, fully present. Alive—and what a Joy that is! We need more of that stuff!

This mind is what we cultivate with yoga and meditation, chi gong and tai chi, and many other practices that work with the body as an instrument to train the mind, using the body sensations as a tremendous tool to connect with what is, with the present. Because, as you may have already realized, you cannot feel your little finger in the future, right? Give it a try… Awareness of the sensations in the body always brings us to the now.

It is my passion to keep embodying this notion, to keep training this amazing tool that is the mind, and to keep sharing my path with those who also seek and explore the deepest treasure inside of them.