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A unique sanctuary

Centre Yoga Aylmer is a unique sanctuary. 

It is first and foremost a space that allows us to reap the innumerable benefits of ancient practices that enlighten body, heart and mind and allows us to cultivate and radiate life itself.




Reverence and



It is also a space of reverence and self-reflection

that gently brings awareness to the many tools at our disposal

to fulfill our highest potential, and to discover ourselves anew.


It is a place where - for a few precious moments - 

body and spirit meet and our hearts find refuge - 

guided by the gentle wisdom of Eliot Acuña.


Centre Yoga honors the richness of individual experience, 

whilst celebrating community spirit.


Centre Yoga’s sacred authentic space

has attracted other teachers to teach their classes here, too.


Browse through our offering of classes

you will discover a variety of approaches according to each teacher.

Centre Yoga runs differently from other yoga centers.

Here, you communicate directly with each teacher

for information on the class and to register.

You will find that information easily using the menu or these buttons


More offerings...

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Upcoming Retreat


to the sanctuary of the Heart

a 3-day yoga retreat in the eastern townships

with Eliot

August 23 to 26, 2018

The yoga tradition explains the heart as being the centermost part of everything from which everything emerges and to which everything dissolves.It is the source of all knowledge and truth.It is the fountain of discernment, courage and love.It is serene and yet intense, mysterious and compelling.

This retreat is meant to give us the time and distance from daily activities and teachings to allow ourselves the deep consideration of this innermost sanctum, what is real, what is true, what is important.Through beautiful and effective yoga practices enter and dwell in that beckoning Sanctuary called the Heart.

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