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January 9 & 11 : Beginning of the semester for ELIOT & MARY ANN

JANUARY 9 & 11, 2016




Yoga Basics

This class is intended for beginner yoga students or students who have not practiced for a period of time.  Basic asanas (postures) are introduced progressively with detailed alignment instructions.  Students learn basic standing poses, basic twists, basic forward bends and the very early stages of shoulderstand, along with breath awareness.


Slow-paced and supported practice using lots of props focuses on breath awareness, body connection and proper alignment.  Appropriate for students with or recovering from injury or disease, those with reduced mobility and is also very enjoyable for seniors.


Once students have taken at least one year of regular classes of combined beginner and basic yoga, they can consider level 1. Level 1 includes the refinement of basic standing poses, forward bends, seated postures and twists.  It introduces backbends and inversions, pranayama (breathing techniques), chanting and meditation.  Because level 1 is not a beginner’s practice and focuses on deepening awareness, it is suitable for continuing students who prefer a gentle and slow approach to their asana practice.


Level 1-2 (intermediate 1) is meant for students who feel confident in level 1 or already have a regular strong practice in other styles of yoga.  Building on level 1, we enjoy refining and deepening the asanas (yoga postures).  The regular practice includes longer holds than level 1, deep forward bends, balances, twists, inversions and backbends as well as pranayama (breathing techniques), chanting and meditation.

Please note that there is also a level 1-2 + (intermediate 2), which is slightly stronger level class than level 1-2


Level 2 (intermediate 3) is for students who have been practicing for several years and have an established regular practice.  Assuming that all level 2 students know the basic postures well, this class is about introducing more subtle internal aspects of asana alignment as well as pranayama.   Level 2 students are expected to have a keen body awareness and, with the teacher’s support, be able to choose the variations of postures and the length of holds that are appropriate for their body needs, while practicing at their threshold.

dhyāna meditation

Eliot teaches an easy and practical meditation practice with complete instructions. She teaches based on her own deep contemplation and evolving understanding of the theory of the practice as given in the authentic ancient sanskrit revealed text Vijñānabhairava Tantra. 

In addition, she provides students with supportive teachings to help them understand their practice and its challenges. Her classes help students continually refine both their practice and their understanding of the practice so that it may serve them well in their daily lives.

She encourages students to cultivate a daily meditation practice on their own and gives them effective tools so this may happen naturally.

Students who have paid for one full session of meditation classes with Eliot may then continue to come to future 45-minutes sessions at no additional cost. This way, students may continue to feel supported in their practice and through their presence, they will also support others who are more new to meditation.

Sleep better tonight

This class is an interactive exploration, discovering sleeping patterns and triggers that may be contributing to your lack of sleep.  How often do you say:  I have trouble falling asleep, or I wake up too early or I want a good nights sleep? 

The Sleep Better program will help you build a regular yoga practice and provide you with techniques to clear your mind.  Finding ways to sleep better tonight and every night.

Prerequisite: completed minimum of one year of yoga basics and/or level 1. Please note that for the winter 2016 session, this class will be taught by Mary-Ann

EXTRA attention

If you feel that you need extra attention in class to do the yoga poses, this is the class for you.   There will be fewer people in the class and more props making the pose more accessible to your unique situation.  You can request permission to attend this class by contacting Eliot. 

Please note that this class witll be co-taught by Mary Ann and Eliot during the winter 2016 session