Thirsty for greater awareness

A sea of plastic and the thirst for greater awareness


Plastic bottles of water to take to yoga practice seem like such a practical option to quench one's thirst. However, this article, recently published in the Daily Mail online, brings to our awareness the effect of supporting bottled water and the overuse of plastic in general. The article contributes to our understanding of and encourages us to look more closely at the consequences of our everyday actions.  Concerning plastic water bottles, Centre Yoga recommends you use a reusable water bottle to bring your thirst-quenchers to your yoga practice.

ॐ सह नाववतु  Being an eternal student


If you are eager to learn more about yoga, the Centre's library, of course, is there for everyone! But did you know there are other resources where you can find very interesting books on yoga (and other subjects)? The Bibliothèque nationale du Québec (BANQ) is one of them. Here is some info on what it offers:

Click on e-books and you will see a number of ebook portals. You can use the
"prêtnumérique" for French books and "Overdrive" for English ones. On their web site, you can read:

Subscription to remote services (for Québec residents only) lets you:

You can borrow paper books from BANQ through thei inter-library loan service and pick them up at the nearest Gatineau library near you, or in person at the BANQ branch in the Gatineau sector. With the cold season bringing us inside for longer hours, it is the perfet time to cat up on your readings! Enjoy!

In tune with Wise Masters : devotional music

The Centre Yoga regularly posts videos of master teachers from various traditions. In doing so, it wishes to provide open avenues of reflection rather than promote one vision or philosophical school over another. These offerings are meant to enrich your understanding of yoga, should you wish to do so. This month, we wish to offer a window into spiritual music.  

The non-dual Tantric yoga tradition explains to us that everything is consciousness and consciousness is vibratory in nature. When you play devotional music in your surroundings it purifies and harmonizes the environment. Music and chanting or singing that celebrates nature, celebrates beauty and love brings those qualities into your home. This month, we would like to share with you a few of our favourites.