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Annual Garden Plant Sale

Photo : Aylmer Heritage Association

Photo : Aylmer Heritage Association

Organised by the Aylmer Heritage Association

Saturday, June 3, 2017

9am to 1pm

495 chemin d'Aylmer,

Gatineau (Aylmer sector)

For a great selection of perennials at bargain prices, come to the Aylmer Heritage Association’s 17th annual fund-raising plant sale. It will be held on Saturday, June 3 from 9:00a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Old Methodist Chapel, 495 Aylmer Road (entrance on Golf Street),

Founded in 1974, the Aylmer Heritage Association is a voluntary organization whose main objective is to further the protection of Aylmer’s heritage buildings and natural environment, as well as to promote a greater public understanding of Aylmer’s special place in both the history of the Ottawa region and the history of Canada. In addressing these objectives, the Association continues to acquire valuable documentation which adds to our knowledge of Aylmer’s pioneer families, the industries which thrived at different stages over the past two hundred years, and of the major events and community activities which have contributed to the development of Aylmer as it is today.


In tune with Wise Masters

The Centre Yoga will be posting videos of master teachers from various traditions. In doing so, it wishes to provide open avenues of reflection rather than promote one vision or philosophical school over another. These offerings are meant to enrich your understanding of yoga, should you wish to do so.

This fun and stimulating video features B.K.S. Iyengar teaching a vinyasa class in 1977.  I thought it would be fun for the level 1 and 2 students at our Centre to get a glimpse of BKS Iyengar in this amazing vinyasa practice.  Something to look forward to! 

You can also enjoy this other documentary on how Iyengar worked to help those around him.

Here is an excerpt from the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga website : " Yogacharya B.K.S.Iyengar (Guruji) is a living legend who has taught yoga in unique way to all his students. He finds the meaning of the yoga sutras by his practical search and regular practice of yoga. Thus, he has helped all to experience the wisdom of the yoga sutras. His style of teaching yoga is called "Iyengar Yoga" and is now being followed by certified teachers across the world." (more information here)

BKS Iyengar : "So I'm saying please don't think of the branch but how the branches touch."


Hṛdaya: journey to the heart of ancient wisdom with Eliot

SUtras printemps 4.JPG

Most of Centre Yoga Aylmer's students may be well aware of the series of Sunday afternoons Eliot has been offering for the study of relevant yoga scriptures in a friendly and relaxed group setting. These study groups make it possible to explore these texts, their meaning and how they can illumine our lives. On this blog, Eliot will provide snippets of the Sunday afternoon contemplations. 

This Sunday, we will be entering the second Pada, or chapter of the Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali.  Here Patañjali is telling us about the practices that cultivate the state of yoga. They consist of self-discipline, study and dedication to the Highest.  

What does this kind of practice mean?  How is self-discipline, study and dedication to the Highest very different to what may come to mind within the perspective of our societies understanding.  What comes in the way of our highest possible potential as human beings. What blocks our highest vision?  Why can't we see nor understand our true reality? Do you?

Patañjali gives us guidance.  Join us this Sunday at 2pm for mind-blowing discussion!  More information here