Health & Community : February 2016 / Bread and love

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After a little break in January, the Health & Community blog is back with its offerings. This month, Lise Paquet, a Centre Yoga student, shares with us a gluten-free bun recipe that she likes, and we introduce Bobby Clennell's project: the pose of the month. The Yoga of Trees returns with its star subject of February: LOVE!

Gluten-free buns

The Faithfully gluten-free blog offers a wide variety of gluten-free recipes, including one to make delicious gluten-free buns : click here for the recipe

Bobby Clennell āsana of the month initiative



Bobby Clennell is a very inspiring yoga teacher.  She has written several books on yoga for women and she teaches with wisdom, enthusiasm and a great sense of humour.  I took a wonderful weekend workshop with Bobby last summer when she came to Ottawa, hosted by my teacher Barbara Young.  I learned so much!

So, here is a little bit of Bobby's creativity and wisdom for you!  Please make sure to read her helpful hints and advice for each āsana as you go along.

May we all be inspired!


This is how she introduces her project:

"Aim for each cell of the body to be stable – then the mind can be quiet." B.K.S. Iyengar

Each month, starting January 2016 and continuing through December 2016, I will present illustrations and concise instructions for a yoga pose that you can practice along with. Strung together, the completed twelve poses make up a yoga session that is appropriate for beginners and experienced students alike. The completed sequence incorporates a warm up at the start, then poses to take you through a wide range of movement and focused work. These include standing poses to build strength and inverted poses to boost immunity and hormonal balance. The sequence finishes with some cooling poses.

My best wishes to all. Enjoy your practice!

Bobby Clennell

Click here to access Bobby Clennell's pose of the month page

The Yoga of Trees: Raise you LOVE and HEART Frequency!

 (a monthly series about the vibration of the month, yoga and tree essences)

February 2016

by Celine Cloutier and Hafiz

Do you wish to find love?

When we transform our thinking and feel ourselves as beings of LOVE, we start creating new experiences. Energy moves. How do you tap onto the power of LOVE, nourish our light and bring out our most loving qualities such as creativity, imagination, kindness, love, sensitivity, friendliness, confidence?

Practicing conscious presence via Yoga, Meditation and using Specific Tree Essences and aromatic sprays bring out our natural states and at the same time profound healing at an emotional and soul level.

Healing wounds we carry from loss, grief, rejection, disappointment, or neglect is a first step. Some wounds may go back into early childhood and be carried through life. The essence “Healing the Heart” envelops us in a gentle soothing energy to get beyond the emotions possibly preventing new experiences. As we use Healing the Heart, we begin to trust and regain the courage to open ourselves to love and sharing our heart. It is a soothing balm for the heart and,  used over time, it brings trust and peace to the heart.

Another delightful vibration is in using the Soulmate Spray. There’s a magical synchronicity that can happen when we use this spray. It attracts the Soulmate energy we need, and, if we are ready, it may even bring a partner. It has been also shown to enhance relationships. The Soulmate Spray is designed to help us realize the yearning of our heart, to love and be loved, to find that very special person in our life. As we use it along with the Healing the Heart Essence and Spray, feelings of loneliness, loss of hope, loss of confidence in self and others, and discouragement are transformed. Our hearts open heart, leading to loving relationships.

Heartful Wishes,

Céline and Hafiz

Canadian Forest Tree Essences