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Do you know about the Boucher forest's outdoor educational walks?

The Boucher Forest Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to protect, preserve and enhance public appreciation of the Boucher Forest. During the summer, Nature Outaouais will organize educational tours (in July, Augut and October, in French). These activities are free.

To know more about the foundation and the forest, visit

The next educational walk will be August 21 at 10:15am

Explore the forest and the world of insects it houses

Discover the invertebrate and the diversity of their habitats

During this activity, the young participants will become familiar with several species living in the forest and discover the different environments they inhabit. This activity involves some theory and an exploration of the Boucher Forest to find live specimens. The objective of the workshop is to learn about the Boucher Forest, the diversity of invertebrates and their habitats.

Clientele: Children 7 to 12 years must be accompanied by a parent (one per family) or a responsible adult (one per group of friends).

Level: The level of difficulty of the hike is beginner. If you have a particular physical condition, please inform the organizers in advance.

To reserve your spot, please go to Nature Outaouais' web site (click on the activity tab) The activities are offered in French. They are free, but places are limited!

Do you know Moore's farm?

Do you feel like playing in the dirt and spend time growing your own garden? What about joining a community garden? Would you like to know more about the culture of organic garlic, beets, or potatoes? What about buying fresh organic vegetables at the vegetable counter of the farm? Or meeting people through volunteering while working in the fields? Are you looking for a inspiring space to hold a meeting, or a cool spot to meet some friends for coffee? The Moore Farm Cooperative may be what you are looking for ... Take some time to visit their web site (in French), or go visit them directly!

Bobby Clennell's monthly pose



KAPOTASANA (Pigeon Pose) with Block and Bolster

KAPOTASANA (Pigeon Pose) with Block and Bolster

Each month, starting January 2016 and continuing through December 2016, I will present illustrations and concise instructions for a yoga pose that you can practice along with. Strung together, the completed twelve poses make up a yoga session that is appropriate for beginners and experienced students alike. The completed sequence incorporates a warm up at the start, then poses to take you through a wide range of movement and focused work. These include standing poses to build strength and inverted poses to boost immunity and hormonal balance. The sequence finishes with some cooling poses.

My best wishes to all. Enjoy your practice!

Bobby Clennell


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